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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:32 pm  Post subject: BTA - 2ND PILIPINAS SUGBU CUP - NBT OPEN SEPT. 15-20, 2015 Reply with quote

PRESIDENTS of different ALBAs
PBC Bowlers


In behalf of the BOWLINGPLEX TENPIN ASSOCIATION (BTA-CEBU), we are cordially inviting you and your association / bowling club to take part in the 2nd PILIPINAS SUGBU CUP – NBT OPEN on September 15-20, 2015 at Gaisano Bowlingplex, Brgy. Apas, Cebu City.

The main objective of this tournament is to establish good camaraderie and friendship among the bowlers from the different bowling associations and clubs affiliated with the Philippine Bowling Congress.

For further details and / or reservations you may contact the following:

BEL SUELTO, JR. Thru Facebook  
DR. BEDE ILANO Mobile Phone No. : 0923-9775347 or 0917-3284706
WILBERT YU Mobile Phone No. : 0923-6747169
CLARENCE TIU Mobile Phone No. : 0922-2051758

We are looking forward to foster more both our Association’s friendship and support for each other.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,


Note: Please see attached rules and regulations.

2nd Pilipinas Sugbu Cup – NBT Open
Gaisano Bowlingplex, Banilad, Cebu City,
September 15-20, 2015


Important reminders: For out of town bowlers, please get a return flight on Sunday, September 20, 2015 from 9:30 PM to last flight.

This is a Philippine Bowling Congress (PBC) and National Bowling Tour (NBT) sanctioned tournament. FIQ/WTBA playing rules and regulations shall apply on matters not covered herein. All participants must be a member of good standing in their respective associations.
This tournament is open to all current paid up and duly registered members of the Philippine Bowling Congress.

The average score of each participant will be based on the following order of priority.
1. The latest available PBC list of averages.
2. Association or Club average duly certified by its President or Tournament Director with corresponding list or tabulated association or club scores.
3. Bowlers without PBC averages shall submit an average certification from their respective association attested by the association President or Tournament Director. Bowlers without certified averages shall be classified as Class O bowlers with an average of 201 both for male and female.

The tournament committee shall reserve the right to reclassify/amend any participant’s handicap as the situation may demand.

Averages Men       Ladies
201 - up  0 5
196 - 200  3 8
191 - 195  6 11
186 - 190  9 14
181 - 185 12 17
176 - 180 15 20
171 - 175 18 23
166 - 170 21 26
161 - 165 24 29
156 - 160 27 32
155 below 30 35

Senior bowlers 60 yrs. old & above +5 (proof shall be submitted)

Registration Fee
5,000.00/ team (2 man team) or 2,500/bowler
(Inclusive of All-Events, Doubles, and Singles)

Re-Entry Fee
Singles :   400.00 (3 games)
Doubles :   800.00 (3 games)

Registration shall be on a first-come first-served basis.  There will be no refund of registration fees after it has been paid.

The bowler/s must pay all fees before playing any event unless prior arrangement is made with the organizing committee.

FORMAT (Qualifying): Multiple try for Singles & Doubles and Team Event
The following rules shall apply for both male and female bowlers unless stated otherwise:

All Events Prize (Only for the first attempt)
A bowler’s first attempt in singles and doubles (including handicap) shall count towards his/her All Events score (6 games total).   Top three (3) bowlers shall be declared as champion, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively. To qualify for any award and to compete in the Masters Final, a bowler must complete his/her All Events. Failure to do so shall disqualify his/her all events score.

Doubles Event (Highest 3 game series)
Consist of a three (3) game series (including handicap) played by two (2) bowlers. Any registered bowler can form a team and may play as many sets as they want to try for their best Doubles games.

Singles/Qualifying (Highest 3 game series)
Consists of three (3) games plus handicap. The bowler’s score in his/her first singles/qualifying shall be considered in the all events. Any registered bowler can play as many sets as he/she wants to try for their best qualifying games for the Masters Finals.

For singles and doubles events, total pin falls plus handicap shall determine the winners. Highest three (3) scores in each division shall be declared as champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. A double or a team with the same line-up can play unlimited number of attempts, but only the highest score will be considered.

MASTERS EVENTS – Top 40 Bowlers (Seeded: Alex Lagcao)

Registration fee is P2,500.00 per bowler.
All masters qualifier will receive a FREE Masters Finalist Sinulog Souvenir Shirt.

The top 40 Bowlers after the six (6) highest qualifying games played and tried
(3 from the doubles event and 3 from the singles event) based on the total pin falls with handicap shall qualify the Masters Event.

Finals Format:  
The top 40 bowlers including Mr. Alex Lagcao will play a total of ten (10) game series. These are based on total pin falls plus handicap to declare the winners. There shall be four (4) lane movement every after two (2) games. There will be POSITIONING on the last two (2) games wherein the Top FOUR (4) bowlers after the 8th game will be grouped into the same lanes. Same rules shall be applied to the remaining 32 bowlers according to their positions.

Doubles Event Singles Event All Event
1st  P6,000.00 1st   P3,000.00 1st P3,000.00
2nd   3,000.00 2nd   2,000.00 2nd  2,000.00
3rd   2,000.00 3rd    1,000.00 3rd  1,000.00

Masters Event - Winners will receive cash prizes and trophies as follows:
Champion - P60,000.00  +trophy
1st  Runner Up - P30,000.00  +trophy
2nd Runner Up - P15,000.00   +trophy
3rd Runner Up - P  7,500.00
4th Runner Up - P  5,000.00
5th Runner Up - P  2,500.00
6th to 8th  Runner Up - P  1,000.00 each

Special Prizes : (Note - Prizes will be announced during the tournament)
1. Top 3 Senior Citizens
2. Top 3 Ladies
3. Highest Single Scratch game for male (qualifying games only)
4. Highest Single Scratch game for female (qualifying games only)

All participants must checked-in at the tournament counter at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. The Gaisano Bowlingplex time shall be the official time of the tournament.

P50,000.00  will be given to the bowler who bowls  a PERFECT GAME (scratch). In the case of the P50,000.00 cash reward, when more than one bowler achieved the perfect game during the tournament, the award shall be shared proportionally amongst the bowlers involved based on the number of perfect games bowled as follows: 2 bowlers-60:40 and if 3 bowlers-50:30:20. In case of more than 3 perfect games, the 1st perfect game bowler will get the lion’s share of 50% of the given price and the remaining 50% will be divided equally by the rest of the perfect game achievers. It is the bowler's responsibility to inform the tournament officials that he/she has achieved 9 consecutive strikes from the first frame. Similar announcement on every subsequent strike will be made.


TEAM / DOUBLES : The team with the least difference between the highest and lowest combined score of the team (including handicap) in the series shall occupy the higher position.

QUALIFYING / SINGLES: The bowler with the least difference between the highest and the lowest game (including handicap) of his/her series shall occupy the higher position.

ALL EVENTS:  The bowler with the least difference between the highest and the lowest game (including handicap) of the bowler’s All Events scores shall occupy the higher position.

1st Priority: The bowler with the lesser handicap shall prevail
2nd Priority: Least difference between the highest and lowest games series shall prevail
3rd Priority: The 9th and 10th frame shall be played and repeated until the tie is broken.

Other than the players and official individual/team coaches, only tournament officials including scorers and bowling center lane personnel shall be allowed to enter the playing area.

Late comers will be given 0 pin falls for every frame missed but will still be allowed to play the remaining frames.  However, bowlers who arrived after the first game has been completed shall no longer be allowed to play the remaining games.

SCHEDULES: September 15 - 20, 2015

TIME September 15 September 16-17 September 18-19 September 20
12:00 NN Oiling Open Master Finals
9:00 - 9:45 AM

Call On Reserve
9:46 AM

10:00 AM

Awarding Ceremony

1:00 PM D/S qualifying
2:00 PM D/S qualifying
3:00 PM D/S qualifying
4:00 PM Oiling
5:00 PM Oiling D/S qualifying
6:00 PM Pre-Opening Ceremony/Team Oiling D/S qualifying
7:00 PM D/S qualifying D/S qualifying D/S qualifying
8:00 PM D/S qualifying D/S qualifying Oiling
9:00 PM D/S qualifying D/S qualifying D/S qualifying
10:00 PM D/S qualifying D/S qualifying D/S qualifying
11:00 PM D/S qualifying D/S qualifying D/S qualifying

• D = Doubles
• S = Singles

Local bowlers are advised to play in advance from September 15-17, 2015
to give way to the out of town bowlers on September 18-19, 2015. Please be informed that the out of town bowlers shall be given priority on the 18th and 19th of September 2015

N.B.  Estimated ending time – 7:30 PM

Official score sheets must be signed by the bowlers after each game to acknowledge his/her score. If the bowler fails to sign his/her score sheet, it is presumed that his/her scores are correct and no protest on such basis shall be entertained. Errors in the scoring or calculation in a tournament play must be corrected by a tournament official immediately upon the discovery of such error. Questionable errors shall be made declared/decided by the tournament committee. Any player who deliberately tampers his/her score sheet shall be disqualified immediately from participating in the tournament.

Upon the start of the tournament, participants shall not be allowed to play open or practice bowling, regardless of lane availability.

Frame with missing pin(s) once the ball is rolled shall be treated as good ball; frame with fallen or down pin(s) on the pin deck must be bowled again. All bowlers are enjoined to monitor and abide by this rule. Bowlers are not allowed to reset the pins, only lane attendants, tournament official and official scorers are allowed.

Should a single pair of lanes be rendered unusable for more than 20 minutes before or during the game, the tournament committee reserves the right to assign any available lanes provided by the bowling center to affected participants. An interrupted game or series must resume from the point (frame) of interruption. No shadow bowling will be allowed.

In the event that the score of games(s) being erased and cannot be recalled or traced due to power failure or computer breakdown, the bowler concerned will required to bowl a new game.  However, all scores of completed games that have been recorded on the official score sheet will remain unchanged.

During the finals, whenever a player chooses to discontinue his/her game, a pacer maybe designated by the tournament committee.

Bowlers must at all time observe foul lines while playing. If the automatic foul device becomes temporarily inoperative, the following procedures shall be instituted in calling fouls:
a. The tournament committee shall assign marshals to act as foul judge. Official scorers are likewise designated to monitor fouls committed by bowlers.
b. Spectators are not permitted to interfere with the calls of the duly designated foul judge.
c. Bowlers who step on the channel division/ball return channel shall be declared foul.

Protest must be done in writing addressed to the tournament committee not later than 24 hours after the game in which the infraction was committed or prior to awarding of prizes, whichever comes first.  Otherwise such protest shall not be entertained. Each protest under this rule shall be specific in itself and this rule shall not be constructed to cover a similar or previous violation. The decision of the tournament committee is deemed final and not further appeal of protest will be accepted.

Bowlers are advised to wear proper playing uniform during the tournament proper. Wearing of sleeveless and collarless T-shirt shall not be allowed. No short pants allowed                  
for Men.

Uniform oiling will be used throughout the tournament.

When the bowler(s) bowl(s) on the wrong lane(s) and the error is discovered before another bowler has bowled, a dead ball shall be declared and the bowler(s) will be required to re-bowl on the correct lane(s). If the error is not discovered until the opposing bowler has bowled, the score shall be counted and the bowler shall be   required to bowl his subsequent frame(s) on the correct lane.
In the event of power failure/TV monitor black out in the progress of the game and   game   scores could not be traced after power supply resumes, bowler(s) concerned   have to re-bowl that particular game. However, previous games where the score have   been duly recorded shall stand unchanged.
Any bowler found guilty of cheating at scores, averages eligibility or in any other counts   will be immediately disqualified from the entire tournament and reported to the   disciplinary Committee of the Philippine Bowling Congress and the National Bowling   Tour   for further action. He/she will also be stripped of his/her winnings and positions   standing and be asked to return to the Tournament Director any awards that may have   already been given to him/her. When in doubt, bowlers are reminded to consult the   Tournament   Director on any issue.
Bowlers who are in readiness to step on the approach to deliver a ball, shall have the   following rights and obligations:
a) They may claim right of way over anyone moving to the approach or preparing to bowl on the lane immediately on their left.
b) They may claim right of way over anyone moving to the approach or preparing to  bowl on the lane immediately on their right.
c) Penalty shall be imposed to bowler who is four (4) frames slower from the leader not counting the end pair of lanes. The penalty will be to forfeit the score in the next frame.
The tournament committee reserves the right to make the final interpretation in any of the rules and regulations mentioned above and to decide any matters not covered by the aforementioned rules and regulations and its decision shall be considered final.

ED ANIÑON : Chairman

Please contact the following person/s for any matter not covered by the rules above.
BEL SUELTO, JR. Mobile Phone No. : Please contact me for the meantime in my FB
ARCHIE PERTEZ Mobile Phone No. : 0918-9291426
GEFF BUYCO Mobile Phone No. : ??? (Geff, please message to me ur number)
WILBERT YU Mobile Phone No. : 0923-6747169
CLARENCE TIU Mobile Phone No. : 0922-2051758
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