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#1: Playdium Website Upgraded! Author: Rannie PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 2:33 am
The Playdium website has just been through a major upgrade of its core files. Due to increasing instances of hacking, it is very important that website security is updated to the latest. This is in order to thwart any attempt to bring down or deface the website. Although it's still not 100% hack proof, at least have some form of protection that's monitoring the website.

Please bear with us for the next few days or until we finish the migration of the majority of the updated files. You will see some errors here and there, links that do not work yet, avatars or images missing,  but rest assured that it will be brought back to its working condition once we finish this. However, the Forums are pretty much working, albeit for missing smilies. You can continue to post in the forums. You will still be able to log in using your current login information. We do advice you to update your profile when you log in.

As for the new functions and things that will be available on the site? Just wait and see Wink

Playdium Bowling -> General

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