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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:50 pm  Post subject: 14TH DATBI INVITATIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS Apr. 19-24 Reply with quote


As we know the success of our previous (13th DATBI Invitational Open championships) relies greatly to you and the whole group who supported the event .It is our great pleasure to invite you once again to join our 14th DATBI Invitational Open Championships on April 19, 2016 to April 24, 2016)

The officers and members of (DATBI) Dagupan Association of Tenpin Bowlers Inc. are extending this invitation to your Club/ Association to join us and have fun playing here at CSI Fun World & Amusement Center, CSI The City Mall, Lucao District, Dagupan City.

Thank you and see you in Dagupan  ! ! !

Marwin Santiago

14th DATBI – CSI Invitational Open Championships
CSI The City Mall, Lucao District, Dagupan City

April  19 – 24, 2016

This tournament is organized by (DATBI) Dagupan Association of Tenpin Bowlers Inc. and CSI Fun World & Amusement Center. This tournament is open to all male and female bowlers who are members in good standing of any associations / clubs affiliated with the Philippine Bowling Congress.

Latest PBC average shall apply for the purpose of classification. Bowler/s without established PBC average shall furnish a copy of average certification from their respective Association signed by President or Secretary, otherwise they will classified as class O bowler/s.

QUALIFYING: Bowlers will be playing 6 games in the qualifying round to be played in 2 blocks of 3 games. Each bowler may choose their preferred squad, subject to the availability of lanes. There will be no changing of squad once they started. Handicap will be given to bowlers based on their respective PBC Averages (see section 6). The top 30 players with the highest total pinfalls with handicap plus 2 from the desperado squad will advance to the finals for each Division. Top Qualifier  for  each  Division  will Bowl  Free during  Finals

TOP 60 Grouping
Open  Master TOP  1  to 30  plus 2 from Desperado squad (32 Finalists)

Classified  Division TOP  1 to 30 plus  2 from Desperado squad (32Finalists)

4. DESPERADO: The desperado squad will be after the last squad of  each  division. To be eligible to bowl in the desperado squad, bowler must have previously made at least 3 qualifying attempts before they can register.  Format: a one game will be bowled to decide on the final qualifiers for the various groups. The top 2 scorers for  each  division  will advance to their respective  finals.

NOTE:  bowlers should inform the secretariat whether he/she is qualifying for Master’s or  Classified Division  before playing the event. Any declaration made after the game has been played shall not be considered.

5. FINALS: The top 60 bowlers in the qualifying round plus the 4 qualifiers from the desperado squad will bowl 10 games each in 2 different squad time. Previous pinfalls will not be carried over to the finals. There will be lane transfer every game. Bowlers assigned at even numbered lane will moved to the right, bowlers assigned at odd numbered lane will moved to left. The last game for Classified will serve as the positioning round. The top 6 finisher for Classified Division  after 10 games will be declared as winners.
Top 6 bowler for  Open  Master  will advance to the Stepladder /Shootout finals and the winner of the final match will be declared as the Champion for  14th  DATBI–CSI Invitational Open Championships.

NOTE:  Members  of  RP Team , Pool and  Players  with  an average  of  196  and  above for  men and  186  and  above for  ladies are  not allowed in Classified  Division.

Match  1  : The  4th , 5th  &  6th  placer  will play 1 game shoot –out  The winner  of this match based on total pinfalls with handicap will advance to the next match . Bowlers who lose in the shoot-out can only go down one position from their original rank (for example, a bowler who came in fourth and loses in the shoot-out will became the 5th placer) subsequently, the maximum a bowler could moved up would be two ranks unless  the bowler moves – up to the  next round. In other words the play off for the first match is used only to determine the bowler who would move –up to the next rank.
Match 2 :       Winner of the 1st match and the 3rd placer will play a 1 game Stepladder  match, the winner of  this match based on total pinfalls with handicap will advance to the  next match .
Match  3 : The winner of match 2 and the 2nd placer will play a one game Stepladder  match, the winner will advance  to the  4th  and  final  match .
Final Match  : The winner of match 3 shall play against the top qualifier where the top  qualifier will enjoy a twice to beat advantage. The winner of this match based on the total pinfalls with handicap will be declared as Champion of 14th DATBI–CSI Invitational Open Championships.

Handicapping will be based on the latest PBC Averages.  Bowlers without established average must submit a certification duly signed by their respective Association/Club President and /or Secretary. Any misdeclaration of average by bowler will result in the disqualification of involved bowler from the tournament and no refund of his / her registration fee shall be made.  Below is the chart for handicap.

MALE                    HDCP FEMALE         HDCP
196 and above 0 186 and above 10
186 to 195 10 180 to 185 16
170 to 185 16 170 to 179 24
169 and below 24 169 and below 32

        MALE        FEMALE
196 and  above 0   N/A
191  TO 195 4   N/A
186  TO 190 8   N/A
181  TO  185 12  16
176  TO 180 16  20
171  TO  175 20  24
166  TO  170 24  28
165  &  below 28  32

Note:  Senior Citizen Bowlers 60 years and above shall be given additional handicap of five (5) points per game.

*     In case of a tie in the 30th place after the qualifying round in Open  Master    and Classified Division.  Tie breaker will be the least difference between the highest and lowest game of the highest 2 qualifying series without handicap.
*    In case of tie for the 2nd to the 6th placer after the finals in Classified  Divion, prize money shall be added up and be divided among the tied bowlers. Final placing for the trophies shall be determine by the least difference of the highest and the lowest game in the finals.
*    In case of tie for the 1st place after the finals in Classified Division and  Open  Master, tie breaker will be a one -game roll off.
*    In case of tie during the shootout/stepladder match, tie breaker will be the 9th and 10th frame roll –off.
*    In case of tie for the 2nd, 3rd and 6th place in Open  Master after the 10 game series, tie breaker will be the least difference of the highest and lowest game of the final series.
*    In case of tie in the desperado squad, tie breaker will be the roll-off of the 9th and 10th frame.

Bowlers are advice to wear proper uniform during the tournament proper. Wearing of sleeveless shall not be allowed. No short pants for male bowlers and short – shorts for female bowlers.

If a single pair of lane/s becomes unusable for more than 15 minutes before or during the game, the tournament committee reserves the right to assign any available lanes provided by the bowling center to affected participants. No practice bowl will be allowed. The committee reserves the right to review the situation and take actions accordingly.

10. LOSS  SCORE :  In case of a power/computer failure, which results in a loss of any score/s not yet recorded on the Master Score sheets and which cannot be recalled, the  bowler/s concerned  will be required to re- bowl a new game . However, scores of completed games that have been recorded in the Master Score sheet shall stand as official score and the bowler shall not be required to re – bowl a new game.

11. BOWLING ON WRONG LANE:  In case a bowler bowls on wrong lane and such error is discovered before another bowler bowl on the same lanes, a dead ball shall be declared. In which case, the bowler concerned shall be required to re- bowl on the correct lane. If error is not discovered and the opposing bowler has bowled on the same lanes, the score shall count and the bowler shall be required to bowl his subsequent frames on wrong lane.

12. PROTEST: All protest involving the qualifying round should be submitted in writing not later than 9:00 P.M. on April  23, 2016 (Saturday), otherwise it will not be entertained.  All protest involving quarter – finals, semi – finals, step ladder /shootout and grand finals match should also be made in writing and submitted to the tournament committee immediately before the presentation of prizes. And  their  Decision  is  Final.


Entry Fee P2,500 (inclusive of 2 sets of 3 games)

Re- Entry P   500 (inclusive of 3 games)

Finals Fee P3,000 (10 games Open  Master  w/ T- shirt )

P2,800 (10 games Classified Division w/ T-shirt )

Desperado P2,000

Note:  A bowler can play in another division .just  add P1,500 which  includes 2  sets  of  3  games series to qualify  for  the  specific division.

All Tournament fees are not refundable and non - transferable. Entries are on a first – come first – served basis.

*   The tournament committee reserves the right to add additional squads in case influx of bowlers on the last 2 days of qualifying.


* Oiling of lanes before 1st squad and 5:00pm only.

April 19 - 21, 2016
Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday
11:00AM – 12:00NN – 1:00PM – 2:00PM – 3:00PM -4:00PM
OILING - 6:00PM - 7:00PM – 8:00PM – 9:00PM

April 22, 2016
9:00AM – 10:00AM - 11:00AM – 12:00NN – 1:00PM – 2:00PM – 3:00PM -4:00PM
OILING - 6:00PM - 7:00PM – 8:00PM – 9:00 - Desperado for  Classified
                                            April 23, 2016
1:00PM -2:00PM – 3:00PM – 4PM
OILING  - 6:00PM – 7:00PM-8:00PM -9:00PM –Desperado for Open  Division

         Classified Division Finals                               Open  Master’s  Finals
            April  23, 2016 (Saturday)        April 24, 2016 (Sunday
        8:00AM    -     Registration 8:00AM     -    Registration
        8:46AM   -     Calling of Reserves             8:46AM     -    Calling of Reserves
        9:00AM    -     Roll- Off 9:00AM     -    Roll - Off

SHOOT – OUT FINALS (No re – oiling for shoot – out Finals)

Open  Master’s Classified  Division
Champion P60,000 plus  Trophy P 45,000plus  Trophy
1st Runner -up P30,000 plus Trophy P 20,000plus  Trophy
2nd Runner -up P15,000 plus  Trophy P 10,000plus  Trophy
3d Runner –up P  8,000 P   7,000
4th Runner –up P  5,000 P   5,000
5th Runner -up P  4,000 P   4,000

  P10,000   -    ( 1 winner )
 (   2  or  More  winner  5K   for  the 1st  perfect  gamer and  5K  to be  divided
equally  to the  next  perfect  gamers )

Marwin Santiago
Joseph  Hufano
Martin  Tan
Michael  Sim
Clark  Reyes
Willie  Caras

Atty. Jonathan Lomboy

Mr. Maximo “Momoy ”  Abesamis
Dr. Oscar Ramirez
Mr. Jose “Peps” Verzosa
Mr. Tony Patungan

    Mr. Bernabe  dy
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