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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:42 am  Post subject: 14TH BTA CLASSIC NATIONAL OPEN TOURNAMENT SEPTEMBER 6 TO 9 Reply with quote

14th BTA Classic National Open Tournament
September 6-9, 2012

This is open to all PBC members, male or female, local and national bowlers.
II          HANDICAP
Average Hdcp (Men) Hdcp (Women)
196 - above 0 5
185-195 5 10
175-184 10 15
165-174 15 20
164-below 20 25
There will be an additional handicap of 5 pins for senior bowlers (60 years old and above as of September 6, 2012). He/she must show proof of age, e.g. driver license, senior citizens ID etc.
NOTE: Bowlers shall be classified according to the latest PBC listing of averages. Bowlers without PBC average shall get an average certification from their respective Associations signed by their President or Secretary, otherwise they will be considered as Class O bowlers with an average of 196, but subject for review and approval of the tournament director.
Qualifying Rounds: All the participating bowlers shall play a total of 12 games divided into 6 games per playing day. Each playing day shall be divided into 2 squads. There will be lane movement every 2 games. The top 47 bowlers and the defending champion (Heber Alqueza) will play in the Finals on Sunday, September 9, 2012.
Masters Event:  Registration fee is P1,500 per bowler

Top 48 Qualifiers = 24 from Luzon and 24 from Visayas & Mindanao

Note: In this case, only 23 from Visayas and Mindanao group will qualify for the master’s event because the defending champion, Heber Alqueza is from Visayas.

Round 1: Top 48 qualifiers including the defending champion

The top 47 bowlers and the defending champion will play a total of six (6) games with 4 lane movement every game after which the top 25 bowlers will proceed to the 2nd round.
Round 2: Top 25 qualifiers after round 1

The top qualifier after round 1 is exempted for the next 3 rounds of Finals match play. The 2nd to 25th bowler will proceed to this round’s match play knockout, the format of which is as follows:

2nd qualifier  vs  25th qualifier             8th qualifier  vs  19th qualifier
3rd qualifier  vs  24th qualifier              9th qualifier  vs 18th qualifier    
4th qualifier  vs  23rd qualifier             10th qualifier vs 17th qualifier
5th qualifier  vs  22nd qualifier            11th qualifier vs 16th qualifier
6th qualifier  vs  21st qualifier             12thqualifier  vs  15th qualifier
7th qualifier  vs  20th qualifier             13thqualifier  vs  14th qualifier
All Round 2 bowlers shall bowl a two (2) - game series knockout match. Respective handicap(s) shall be added to their score. In case of a tie game, the two (2) bowlers will have a two frame roll-off (9th and 10th frames of each bowler ). The 12 winners of their respective matches shall proceed to Round 3.
* We will have two (2) squads for Round 3. Drawing of lots will be the basis for who will play on each squads. The higher ranked bowler will be the one to draw on what squad and on what lane they will be playing.
Round 3 : Top 12 qualifiers after round 2    

Highest ranking Round 2 winner  vs   Lowest ranking Round 2 winner
Next highest ranking winner     vs  Next lowest ranking winner
Next highest ranking winner     vs  Next lowest ranking winner
--- and so on ---

All 12 bowlers of Round 3 shall bowl a two (2) - game series knockout match. The same rules in Round 2 shall apply. The 6 winners of their respective matches shall proceed to Round 4.
Round 4 : Top 6 qualifiers after round 3

Round 2 rules shall apply. The 3 winners of their respective matches shall proceed to the Semi-Final Round.
Semi-Finals :

The Top Qualifier after round 1 shall play in the Semi-Finals. He/She will bowl against the lowest ranking winner of Round 4. The other 2 remaining Round 3 winners shall bowl against each other. Same rules as the previous rounds shall apply. The 2 winners of their respective matches shall proceed to the Final Round. The losers in the Semi-Finals shall be declared the 2nd and 3rd Runners-Up. Regardless of their losing scores and handicap(s) in the Semi-Finals, the higher ranking loser shall be declared 2nd Runner-Up. The lower ranking loser shall be 3rd Runner-Up.

The remaining 2 bowlers will play a two (2) - game series knockout match. Match play rules will apply in the Final Match i.e. bowlers shall bowl two frames at a time, with the bowler drawn on the left lane to bowl first and to bowl only one frame. Thereafter, the bowler on the right will bowl 2 consecutive frames, one each on the pair of lanes, to be followed by his opponent in similar fashion and so forth and so on until the game is completed.

The winner of this match based on total pin falls plus handicap will be declared Champion.
In case of a tie game, the two (2) bowlers will have a two frame roll-off (9th and 10th frames of each bowler ).
    Lane dressing will only be done before the start of the First Round
Registration fee for the elimination round is P3,000.00 per bowler (inclusive of lane fees). Registration received shall be on a first-come first-served basis. All bowlers must choose to play either in Squad I or II or III upon registration. There will be no refund of registration fees after it has been paid and registered.
V.        PRIZES
The top 3 will receive cash and trophies. Also cash prize will be given to the 4th up to 25th bowlers.


PERFECT SCRATCH “300” GAME AWARD:         Php50,000.00
                 (Perfect Game Award shall be valid up to the Masters Finals)
One Winner               100%
Two Winners                        60-40%
Three Winners                      50-30-20%
Four  Winners     40-30-20-10%    and,
P1,000 each for 5th, 6th winner, etc.
All participants must check-in at the tournament counter at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. The Bowlingplex center clock time shall be the official time of the tournament.
Day 1-Sep 6      (Locals)         Squad I -7:00 pm       6 games
Day 2-Sep 7     (Out of town) Squad II   -7:00 pm       6 games
Day 3-Sep 8     (Out of town) Squad II -2:00 pm       6 games
  (Locals) Squad I -7:00 pm       6 games

Day 4-Sep 9       (Masters)                Round 1     -9:00 am - Registration    
                                                                      Finals         - 10:00 am - Roll – off

Note: There will be a lunch break after Round 1.
There will be lane dressing before each squad during the elimination round.
Other than the players and official individual/team coaches, only tournament officials including scorers and bowling center lane personnel shall be allowed to enter the playing area.
In case of a tie game, the score of the bowler with lesser handicap shall    
prevail. In case of same handicap, the two (2) bowlers will have a two
frame roll-off  (9th  and 10th frames of each bowler ).
Late comers will be given zero (0) pin falls per frame missed and will still be allowed to continue. An automatic score of zero (0) for those coming in very late
Official score sheets must be signed by the bowlers after each game to acknowledge his/her score. If the bowler fails to sign his/her score sheet, it is presumed that his/her scores are correct and no protest on such basis shall be entertained. Errors in the scoring or calculation in a tournament play must be corrected by a tournament official immediately upon the discovery of such error. Questionable errors shall be made declared/decided by the tournament committee. Any player who deliberately tampers his/hers score sheet shall be disqualified immediately from further participation on in the tournament.
When the tournament has started, participants shall not be allowed to play open bowling regardless of lane availability in the venue of the tournament.
Frame with missing pin(s), once the ball is rolled shall be treated as good ball, frame with fallen or down pin(s) on the pin deck must be rebowled. All bowlers are entrusted to monitor and abide by this rule. Bowlers are not allowed to reset the pins, only lane men, tournament official and official scorers are allowed.
Should a single pair of lanes be rendered unusable for more than 20 minutes before or during the game, the tournament committee reserves the right to assign any available lanes provided by the bowling center to affected participants. An interrupted game or series must resume from the point (frame) of interruption. No shadow bowling will be allowed.
In the event that the score of games(s) being erased and cannot be recalled or traced due to power failure or computer breakdown, the bowler concerned will be required to bowl a new game.  However, all scores of completed games that have been recorded on the official score sheet will remain unchanged.
XV       PACER
During the finals, whenever a player chooses to discontinue his/her game, a pacer may be designated by a marshal.
Bowlers must all times observe foul lines while playing. If the automatic foul device become temporarily inoperative, the following procedures shall be instituted in calling fouls :
a.      The tournament committee shall assign marshals to act as foul judge. Official scores are likewise designated to monitor fouls committed by bowlers.
b.      Spectators shall not permitted to interfere with the calls of the duly designated  judge.
Protest must be done in writing addressed to the tournament committee not later than 24 hours after the game in which the infraction was committed or prior to awarding of prizes, whichever comes first.  Otherwise such protest shall not be entertained.
Each protest under this rule shall be specific in itself and this rule shall not be constructed to cover a similar or previous violation.
The decision of the tournament committee is deemed final and not further appeal of protest will be accepted.
No short pants allowed for men.
Uniform oiling will be used throughout the tournament.
Philippine Bowling Congress (PBC) rules shall apply.
The tournament committee reserves the right to make the final interpretation in any of the rules and regulations mentioned above and to decide any matters not covered by the aforementioned rules and regulations and its decision shall be considered final.
For details and reservations, please contact :
Dr. Bede Ilano
Mobile No.: 0917-3284706

Mr. Bel Suelto, Jr.
Vice President –Tournament Director
Mobile Nos.: 0905-824-0556 or 0933-9442995
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