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PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:45 am  Post subject: 5TH CETBA NATIONAL TENPIN OPEN NOVEMBER 20 - 24, 2012 Reply with quote

5th CETBA Nat’l. Tenpin Open
November 20 - 24, 2012
Sanctioned by: Philippine Bowling Congress
Venue: SM City–Cebu Bowling Center

This tournament is open to all bowling enthusiasts nationwide affiliated with PBC member associations – male or female, regardless of class.

Handicaps shall be based on the latest PBC average/classification for all PBC members. Bowlers without PBC records are required to submit duly-signed player average certifications from respective associations/affiliations, however subject to scrutiny and approval by the organizing committee. Corrections or revisions on player average must be agreed by said bowler/s by signing the registration form before he/she is officially allowed to participate in the tournament.  In the absence of such, bowler shall be given a zero handicap. All current members of the national pool shall automatically be given a zero handicap.  

PBC Average Handicap (Male) Handicap (Female)
196- above 0 5
188-195 5 10
180-187 10 15
172-179 15 20
164-171 20 25
163 and below 25 30

Note :  All senior bowlers (60 yrs old as of November 20, 2013) shall have an additional handicap of 5 pins. However, said senior must be able to present any legitimate ID such as passport, driver’s license, SSS/GSIS ID, etc.

C.        FORMAT
            Team Event  = (3-man team)
All bowlers are required to play in a team of 3 members where he/she will bowl for a total of ten (10) games of five (5) games per slot (either slots from Day 1 to 4), with  lane change after every game. Left lane bowlers shall move four (4) lanes to the left, while right lane bowlers move four (4) lanes to the right.  Highest total pin falls of the team plus handicaps shall be the basis of determining the champion. These games will also serve as qualifying for the Masters Event.

Individual Masters’ Event
           Top 47 bowlers from the team event plus handicaps including last year’s Masters’ Champion; shall play on a five (5) game series, with lane change after every game for the 1st and 2nd rounds.  Left lane bowlers shall move four (4) lanes to the left, while right lane bowlers move four (4) lanes to the right.  Top 24 bowlers after the 1st round shall play on a two (2) game series in the 2nd round with score back to zero (0).   Top 8 bowlers after the 2nd round shall proceed to the 3rd round for a one (1) knock out game with scores back to zero (0). Top 4 bowlers shall proceed to the 4th round with the 3rd and 4th seed bowlers to play a one (1) knock out game.  The winner shall then play a one (1) knock out game against the 2nd seed bowler.  The winner of the second match shall the play the top seed, with the latter enjoying a twice to beat advantage to determine the champion.

Note : In case of tie in any game, bowlers are required to bowl two more frames
           each as 9th and 10th frame of the game.

Team Event        =  PhP7,500.00   for each team of 3 players.
Masters Event    =  PhP2,000.00  
E.       PRIZES
Team Event Champion           -------          P 15,000.00 plus trophy
First Runner-up                        -------               9,000.00
Second Runner-up                  -------               6,000.00

Individual Master’s Champion -------     P 50,000.00 plus trophy
First Runner-up                    -------             25,000.00
Second Runner-up                -------            10,000.00
Third Runner-up                   --------             8,000.00
5th – 16th place                     ---------           1,000.00 each
17th – 24th place                     ---------            500.00 each
Day 1 (Nov 20 Wednesday)  – Team Event  (Local Teams – first set of 5 games)
                6:00 PM  ------  Registration (Lane dressing)
                7:00 PM -------  Roll off
Day 2 (Nov 21 Thursday)       -  Team Event  (Local Teams – second set of 5 games)
                6:00 PM -----  Registration (Lane Dressing)
                7:00 PM -----  Roll-off

Day 3 (Nov 22 Friday) -  Team Event  (MM and all Outside CebuTeams – set of 5 games)
                Squad Roll-off Time Slots  = 2:00 PM ; 7:00 PM  
            Day 4 (Nov 23 Saturday) -  Team Event  (MM and all Outside CebuTeams – set of 5 games)
                Squad Roll-off Time Slots  = 2:00 PM ; 7:00 PM  
            Day 5 (Nov 24 Sunday)  Individual Masters’ Event
              09:00 AM ------- Registration (Lane dressing)
              09:45 AM ------- Call of Reserves
              10:00 AM ------- Roll-off

Awarding ceremonies will follow right after the final match.

A pool prize of PhP 50,000.00 and an additional PhP 10,000.00 donated by Mr. Bert Edillo is allocated for all perfect games, which shall be equally divided by the number of perfect games – where bowlers who bowled multiple perfect games shall have the equal proportion to the total number of shares.  

Automatic foul lines shall be activated all throughout the tournament. In lanes where foul lines malfunctions or deemed defective, said case shall be subject to the discretion of the tournament committee.

I.         UNIFORMS
In general, all participants are required to observe proper dress code – where men are required to wear long pants, while ladies can opt for bowling shorts or pants. Nobody, whether male or female, is allowed to wear sleeveless tops. Team Event entrants are encouraged to don their team uniform.

J.         LANE OILING
Lane oiling pattern shall be pre-set and will be used all throughout the tournament.

Late comers in any event will be given zero score in every frame missed.

Official score sheets must be signed by every bowler/team after each game to acknowledge his/her/their scores. Failure to do so shall be assumed by the committee as automatic acceptance of all written scores as true and correct, and whereby no protest on such infraction shall be entertained.  Any alteration or tampering of scores by any bowler/team shall be mean automatic and immediate disqualification from the tournament.
Frames with missing pin(s) shall be re-racked by lane men/officials only.  Scores on bowled frames with missing pin/s shall be treated as good frame. However, frames bowled with fallen or down pin(s) on the pin deck must be re-bowled.

Interrupted games due to lane breakdown/s must resume from the frame/point of interruption on the newly-assigned lane/s.  No shadow bowling will be allowed.
In unlikely events where scores of any on-going game/s are erased and cannot be restored from the computer for whatever technical reasons, bowler/s concerned will be required to bowl a new game.  However, all scores of completed games that have been recorded on the official score sheet shall remain as it is.
In case of game protests arising from whatever case or reasons, said protest must be submitted in written form immediately the day after the tournament, and shall be addressed to the organizing committee. Late protests will not be entertained.

In general, PBC rules shall apply. In cases not stipulated by PBC rules, the tournament committee reserves the right to interpret and decide on a case to case basis.

For reservations, playing date slots,  and other inquiries, please contact:
           MR. CESAR ADORA      ------  09329777939
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