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PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 3:02 pm  Post subject: 46TH MTBA-NBT OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP MAY 1-10. 2014 Reply with quote

46th MTBA-NBT Open Bowling Championships
May 1 - 10, 2014     ?     Paeng’s Midtown Bowl, Robinson’s Place Ermita, Malate, City of Manila.

This is a Philippine Bowling Congress (PBC) sanctioned tournament. FIQ/WTBA playing rules and regulations shall apply on matters not covered herein. All participants must be a member of good standing in their respective associations.

A. Bowlers are classified according to the latest PBC listing of averages.
B. Bowlers without PBC averages shall submit their respective averages with corresponding listing of tabulated scores from their respective association certified by their president.
C. Bowlers without averages shall be classified as Class O bowlers with an average of 196 for men and 186 for ladies. The Tournament Committee has the right to check and assess the average of bowlers with certified averages.

Registration of all entries duly accomplished and with corresponding payments shall be accepted at Paeng’s Midtown Bowl. Entries shall be accepted subject to lane availability and squad time. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject an entry, postpone, add or cancel any squad time.

All participants must check-in at the tournament counter at least fifteen (15) minutes before the schedule squad time. The Bowling Center Time shall be the official time of the tournament.

Bowlers playing in this tournament must  conform to the uniform rule stipulated in the WTBA playing rules.  Male bowlers are not allowed to wear shorts, singlets (Sando) or sleeveless shirts, or caps while bowling.  Female bowlers may wear half length slacks.   Any bowling uniform shall be allowed that is reflective of their association, club or sponsor.  The Tournament Committee shall not allow a participant to bowl with improper attire.

The following rules shall apply for both men and ladies division unless stated otherwise:

All Events
A bowler’s first attempt in singles, doubles and team events (including handicap) shall count towards his/her All Events score (6 games total).   Top three (3) bowlers shall be declared as champion, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively. To qualify for any award and to compete in the Masters Final, a bowler must complete his/her All Events. Failure to do so shall disqualify his/her all events score.

Team Event
Consist of a two (2) game series (including handicap) played by three (3) bowlers (any combination of men and female bowler may compose a team). Any registered bowler can form a team and may play as many sets as they want, provided that only their best attempt shall count.
Re-entry Fee is 1,500.00/team.

Doubles Event
Consist of a two (2) game series (including handicap) played by two (2) bowlers. Any registered bowler can form a team and may play as many sets as they want, provided that only their attempt shall count.  Re-entry fee is 1,000.00.

Consists of two (2) games plus handicap. The bowler’s score in his/her first singles/qualifying shall be considered in the all events. Any registered bowler can play as many sets as he/she wants to try for their best qualifying games for the Masters Finals. Re-entry fee per singles qualifying is 500.00.

For singles, doubles and team events, total pin falls plus handicap shall determine the winners. Highest three (3) scores in each division shall be declared as champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. A double or a team with the same line-up can play unlimited number of attempts, but only the highest score will be considered.

Open Master Event.  Bowlers need to bowl 3 sets of 2 games (or a total of 6 games) of any event to qualify for the masters, provided that the All-Events has already been completed.  Top 48 bowlers will advance to the Masters Event and will play an eight (Cool game series with lane movement every 2 games. The top five (5) bowlers will advance to the shootout matches.

Quarterfinals.   The 3rd, 4th, 5th  placer will play 1 game match; winner will advance to the Semifinals.

Semifinals.   The winner of the Quarterfinals will bowl against the 2nd seed for 1 game; the winner of the match will advance to the Finals.

Finals.  The winner of the Semifinals round will bowl against the top seed in a BEAT TWICE format to determine the  46th MTBA-NBT Open Masters CHAMPION.

Handicaps shall be computed as follows:
A.    Base 215 – Bowler’s average x 80% = Bowler’s Handicap
B.    Lady bowlers + 8 pinfalls from their handicap.
C.    plus 5 for senior bowlers (age of 60 yrs old and above .  Proof for verification purposes).

• Maximum Handicap for Men’s = 45; Ladies = 55
• Members of the RP National Pool (from 2008 to present) shall be given a handicap of zero (0) for Male and eight (Cool for female for both divisions.
• Maximum possible score is 300 including handicap


Registration Fee : PHP 7,500.00/ team (3 man team) or 2,500/bowler
(Inclusive of All-Events, Team, Doubles, and 1 set of Single)

Re-Entry Finals Fee :  PHP 2,500.00
Singles :      500.00 (2 games)
Doubles :   1,000.00 (2 games)
Team :   1,500.00 (2 games)

When a tie occurs in any position of the qualifying, singles and master’s event, the bowler with the least difference between the highest and the lowest game (including handicap) of the series shall win the higher position. When a tie occurs in any position of the doubles events, the least difference between the highest and the lowest combined score of the two bowlers (including handicap) in the series shall win the higher position. When a tie occur in the team events, the least difference between the highest and the lowest combined score of the team including handicap) in the series shall win the higher position.

Official score sheets must be signed by the bowlers after each game to acknowledge his/her score. If the bowler fails to sign his/her score sheets, it is presumed that the same is correct score and no protest on such basis shall be entertained. For team and doubles event, the designated captain will sign the score sheets. A tournament official immediately upon discovery must correct errors in scoring or in calculation in the tournament play. Questionable errors must be declared by the Tournament Committee. Any player who deliberately tampers his/her score sheet shall be disqualified by the Tournament Committee immediately from further participation in the tournament.

When the tournament has started, participants shall not be allowed to play open bowling regardless of lane availability in the venue of the tournament.

Frame with lacking pin(s), once the ball is rolled shall be treated as a good ball. Frame with fallen or down pin(s) on the deck must be reset. All bowlers are entrusted to monitor and abide by this rule. Bowlers are not allowed to reset the pins. Only lane men, tournament officials, official scorers and marshals are allowed.

Games shall be played in a pair of lanes immediately adjacent to each other as determined by drawing of lots.

If a single or pair of lanes becomes unplayable for more than twenty minutes before or during the squad games, any available lanes provided by the bowling center shall be assigned to affected participant(s) or shall wait for the next available squad. In case of machine break-down during finals, vacant lanes shall be assigned to affected finalist. An interrupted game or series must resume from the point (frame) of interruption. No shadow bowling shall be allowed.

When a player chooses to discontinue his/her game during the finals, a marshal may designate a pacer if requested by the remaining player. But for singles, doubles, team or qualifying event, no pacer shall be allowed.

Bowlers must at all times observe foul lines. If the automatic foul device becomes temporarily inoperative, the Tournament Committee shall assign marshal(s) to act as a Foul Judge. Official scorers are also designated to monitor fouls committed by the bowlers and spectators shall not be permitted to interfere with the calls of the duly assigned foul judge.

Uniform oiling shall be used all throughout the tournament.

Bowlers who are ready to step on the approach to deliver a ball shall have the following rights and obligations:
A. He/she may claim right of way over anyone moving to the approach or preparing to bowl on the lane immediately on their left.
B. Players ready to bowl when it is their turn should not delay going to the approach if a lane immediately adjacent to them on both sides is clear.
C. One lane courtesy.

Protest must be made in writing addressed to the Tournament Committee not later than 24 hours after the game in which the infraction was committed or prior to the awarding of prizes, whichever comes first. Otherwise such protest will not be entertained. Under this rule, protest shall be specific in itself and this rule shall not be construed to cover a similar previous violation. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final and not appeasable.

A. The Tournament Committee shall be the sole interpreter of these rules and regulations. Its decision shall be final.
B. WTBA and PBC rules shall apply to matters not covered by these rules.


May 1, 2014

May 2 – 6
May 7 – 9
May 10
9:00 AM Oiling  Open Master Finals
10:00 - 10:45 AM

Call On Reserve
10:46 PM

11:00 AM

Awarding Ceremony

10:00 AM Opening Ceremony/ Team Oiling
11:00 AM Team T/D/S
12:00 PM T/D/S Oiling T/D/S
1:00 PM T/D T/D/S T/D/S
2:00 PM Oiling T/D/S T/D/S
3:00 PM T/D/S T/D/S T/D/S
4:00 PM D/S T/D/S T/D/S
5:00 PM T/D/S Oiling Oiling
6:00 PM T/D/S T/D/S T/D/S
7:00 PM Oiling T/D/S T/D/S
8:00 PM D/S T/D/S T/D/S
9:00 PM T/D/S T/D/S T/D/S
10:00 PM T/D/S T/D/S T/D/S

• T = Team ?  D = Doubles ? S = Singles

CHAMPION PHP 6,000.00 PHP 4,000.00 PHP 4,000.00 PHP 4,000.00
1st RUNNER UP PHP 4,500.00 PHP 3,000.00 PHP 3,000.00 PHP 3,000.00
2nd RUNNER UP PHP 3,000.00 PHP 2,000.00 PHP 2,000.00 PHP 2,000.00

CHAMPION 50,000.00
1ST RUNNER UP 25,000.00
2ND RUNNER UP 12,000.00
3rd  RUNNER UP 6,000.00
4th  4th  RUNNER UP 3,000.00

Php 30,000.00 to be divided equally among winners.

Tournament Director : William Kang 0917-3211963
Pat Ferrer 0917-9386020
Marvin Farne 0927-4888269
Willie Natividad 0917-9917691
Fax 3136667
Email mtbapbc@yahoo.com

Bowler's Avg. Handicap Bowler's Avg. Handicap
215 and Above 0 180 28
214 0 179 28
213 1 178 29
212 2 177 30
211 3 176 31
210 4 175 32
209 4 174 32
208 5 173 33
207 6 172 34
206 7 171 35
205 8 170 36
204 8 169 36
203 9 168 37
202 10 167 38
201 11 166 39
200 12 165 40
199 12 164 40
198 13 163 41
197 14 162 42
196 15 161 43
195 16 160 44
194 16 159 44
193 17 158 45
192 18 157 46
191 19 156 47
190 20 155 48
189 20 154 48
188 21 153 49
187 22 152 50
186 23 151 51
185 24 150 52
184 24 149 52
183 25 148 53
182 26 147 54
181 27 146 55
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